Happy New Year, Blues!

Just a quickie to wish you all a great 2010. Doesn't seem all that long ago that everyone was shitting themselves about the new millennium, i've even very fond memories of us entering the nineties. Time does indeed fly. Wishing you all, and your loved ones, the very best for the coming year, and thoughts are with those we've lost over the last twelve months.

2009 has certainly been an eventful one for us Blues. More highs than lows, but relative to those suffered the decade previously, nothing that we've not been able to deal with. At present we're a couple of points of fourth place in the Premier League, in the semi-finals of a major cup, and approaching a transfer window where hefty financial backing will be available if required. Going into the last decade we'd have all given an arm to be where we are at present.

Here's to a great year for us all, and for City!

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  1. Spot on mate - i remember playing first game of season v blackpool in 98 - winning 3-0 - then aplauding draws away at wrexham and walsall - i asked myself then - will City ever get back into the top flight in my lifetime? and look where we are - happy new year to all City fans.