Friday mp3: Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club are a four-piece guitar band from Ontario, Canada. They formed in 2005, releasing a couple of EP's on Paper Bag Records early in 2007, and an album on Memphis Industries last summer.

They're known for their sharp, often under two-minute indie anthems, their 11-track debut LP only weighing in at 28 minutes, and their complete recorded output to date not troubling an hour. They'll inevitably be compared to The Strokes, as most guitar bands are nowadays. I saw them play Leeds, or perhaps Glastonbury the year before last, they were really superb.

This is from their 2006 debut EP A Lesson in Crime. They're well worth checking out.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment
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  1. Amazing band. Lesson in crime is one of my favourite albums of all time( even if it's 15 minutes long!) seen them at night n day and at Leeds a few years back. Anyone into the smiths/editors check them out.