MVF: Gone but never forgotten.

Yesterday marked the six-year anniversary of the passing of former City midfielder Marc-Vivien Foé. He had joined us on a season-long loan deal that summer from French champions Lyon, where he'd spent two seasons following his first stint in England at West Ham. During his year here he chipped in with several important goals, including doubles on three occasions, and despite an indifferent start had become something of a cult hero amongst supporters. He also has a special place in City history, being the last player representing the club to score a goal at Maine Road.

In the direct aftermath of his death questions were asked about the necessity of the Confederations Cup. It is, by and large, a needless tournament. I can understand that countries need to prepare to host major competitions, but surely that needn't involve a further two-week tournament that seemingly neither interests major players too much or fans. The tournament will, and rightly so, always be remembered for Marco's passing rather than anything that's ever happened by way of results or performances.

As it goes, the player's Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy meant that he could have passed away at any time. Had sad events not have unfolded in France that summer they could well have at any given point in the future, for City, Lyon, or wherever else he may have chosen to play the following season, so in that respect it's probably wrong to lay any blame at the hands of tournament organisers, though i do think it's important that professional footballers, irrespective of how much they're paid, receive sufficient rest. There were players, for instance, who, with the Confederations Cup then held every two years, plus World Cup's and European Championship's both every four, other tournaments like the African Cup of Nations taking place and regular domestic season's, could have barely had any rest between 1996 and 2006.

Marc will always have a special place in the hearts of City fans, and football fans in general to a certain extent, as rare as it is to lose players in such fashion. I guess that as fans we attach a certain sense of immortality to our heroes, so to have one snatched away at such a young age might be especially difficult to deal with. What made him stand out from the crowd, however, was his obvious enthusiasm. There aren't many who, like him, seem to always play with a huge smile on their face. We'll never forget him.

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