Friday mp3: The Answering Machine

The Answering Machine are a band i first saw late in 2006, an XFM do, if i remember rightly. They're no secret now, been gigging hard for three years, probably the best of Manchester's current crop. I'm not sure what's not to like, to be honest; great songs, superb live, a bird on bass, bonzer.

They've taken their time to get an LP out, mind, releasing several smashing singles ('Oklahoma', 'Silent Hotels', 'Lightbulbs', and this year's 'Cliffer) on various labels, the first two with locals High Voltage, but it's been worth the wait. The album, 'Another City, Another Sorry' is a triumph, one of the best of the year, absolutely brilliant. They're a great band, a real top-drawer Manchester group not at all in the vein of the Roses/Mondays/Oasis tribute shite that's came before them. Really great stuff.

MP3: The Answering Machine - The Photographer (Salford Sessions demo)
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