Ten pieces of probably useless City trivia...

1) Ardwick's first ever professional player, Jack Hodgetts, was paid the princely sum of five shillings a week.

2) During November of 1959 centre-half John McTavish put three own goals past Bert Trautmann in four games!

3) We created something of a record during the 1962/63 season when due to postponements we played three rounds of the FA Cup at home within eleven days.

4) In 1949 the club signed a player called Archie Aikman, who was involved in a car accident during pre-season and never played in a competitive game.

5) Charlie Williams was the first City 'keeper to score in a league match, at Sunderland in 1900.

6) In January of 1912 the team missed three penalties in one game against Newcastle. Irvine Thornley missed once and Eli Fletcher with two efforts. Not quite Martin Palermo but still!

7) During the 1957/58 season Billy McAdams scored in ten consecutive league fixtures.

8) With games off all over England due to the 62/63 freeze, the Blues managed to play one of their fixtures, a 1-1 draw with Burnley, in Dublin.

9) In Autumn 1957, experimenting with a new defensive masterplan, the Blues conceded fifteen goals in two games, losing 1-6 at Preston and 2-9 at West Brom. During that same season they'd score four goals on seven occasions on the road including an 4-8 defeat at Leicester and a 5-4 win at Hillsborough.

10) Our first ever foreign player was a Nico J J Bouvy, a Dutch amateur international who had played in the 1912 Olympics.

What's your favourite piece of City-related pub ammo?

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  1. So there is a precedent for playing a game abroad then !!