Friday mp3: Video Nasties

Video Nasties aren't prolific by any means, a single and two EP's over three years between demo and the eventual release of their first album. It's odd that such an obviously-talented band should be able to mull around for so long, struggling to find a label, finally releasing the record themselves. Their back-catalogue's terrific for such a new band, three good LP's worth of tracks, easy.

They'll inevitably be compared to The Strokes, and it's fair cop, i suppose, they do sound alike, only the Video Nasties are probably a better, more balls-out, garagey, British version. I'd certainly recommend the new record, On All Fours, it's solid. Also, if you can find one, the Karl Blau EP's probably the best thing they've done to date.

MP3: Video Nasties - Gobi
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