Decision time for Terry & Eto'o

Things appear like they might be being settled one way or the other regards the protracted signings of Chelsea captain John Terry and Barca forward Samuel Eto'o. Terry is said to have had a meeting with new Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti yesterday, and is expected to hold further talks with Chelsea director Eugene Tenenbaum at the club's Cobham training ground today. Eto'o, again allegedly, i must add, has been given an ultimatum by the club in an effort to speed up his move from Barcelona.

Of course, we don't know how much of either of these stories are true, but that doesn't really change the fact that both players will be well aware of the option of them coming here, and will both have to have some sort of explanation for their clubs on their return to training. Eto'o, according to the most recent reports from Spain, is certain to leave, but Barca will no doubt rather he hurried up with it so they can press ahead with bids for a replacement, probably Valencia's David Villa or Atletico Madrid's Diego Forlan. Chelsea, though, as much as large parts of this whole debacle have been nothing more than scurrilous rumour, will surely want some sort of indication from the player that he sees his future at Stamford Bridge.

Terry, in truth, has given no hint at all that he either wants out of Chelsea or to come here, we're simply dealing with tabloid gossip and 'in the know' rumour. The most interesting part of events, however, remains the silence from player and agent. It by no means gives us cause to believe he's on his way, he could simply be holding out for increased terms where he is, or not see the move as a possibility and so doesn't think it warrants any further denial than the one Chelsea issued end of last week. Either way, Chelsea will want it cleared up going into the new season, and we'll probably need to know what our chances are of turning him before pressing ahead with the Lescott transfer.

The offer for Eto'o is obviously much more transparent, he wants out, we want him, we've met the bid, the player has heard the terms. I've suspected for some time since that he might be prolonging the whole affair in the hope that he gets a better offer, perhaps from a top four English side or one of the Milan clubs. I wouldn't rule out the prospect of him turning up over the road.

In both cases the players have to decide whether they're going to accept the deals on offer and risk the wrath of idiots throughout the footballing world, their crime, potentially playing for a club with aims of a spot at the big table rather than one already well comfy in its seat. Yes, we're not in Europe, and we are a bit rubbish, but it's not as black and white as money versus glory. The outrageous contracts on offer obviously play a part, but i'm not sure players really deserve the bashings they get for seeing City as an attractive prospect beyond the figures. If we did manage to sign Eto'o & Terry we'd have at least a slim chance of achieving a top four finish, in my opinion. There are no guarantees, of course, but it's hardly like they're swapping the Globetrotters for Halifax Town, just very good European sides for a club who might be challenging either in a year or so.

I hope both sign. We're talking preposterous fees and salaries, of course we are, over £60m plus an alleged £13m each per year. The potential deal for Eto'o could actually make a lot of sense for the player, in the sense that no-one else really seems to be in for him. I'm sure plenty would want him, but none have actually put their money where their mouths are. Him moving here could simply be a case of the only offer he has besides staying at a club whose manager doesn't seem to really fancy him. Terry, will, in all likelihood, have to deal one almighty kick to the groin of Chelsea's support to come, would he do that, would Chelsea be seen to accept a deal without him doing, i doubt it, but we'll see. Whatever pans out, we should know how likely either are to be plying their trade here within the next two or three days.

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