Some fantastic old photos of Maine Road...

1) From Yew Tree Road, 1964.
2) From Dalton Avenue, 1968.
3) From Ebberstone Street, 1968.
4) The City Social Club, 1969.
5) A sweeper-upper surveys the ground from the Maine Road/Platt Lane corner. No date on photography but extentions were carried out shortly before WWII.
6) A view of the Main Stand. Notice the old white pitchside wall, tunnels, and local brewery sponsorship on roofing.
7) Players wheel away after a goal in the Derby, 1967.
8) Another goal appears on its way in. Notice the advertising board for the nearby Parkside Hotel.

* Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8 property of the Manchester Local Image Collection - website


  1. miss the parkside

    thanks for the great pics

  2. memory...like the corner of north stand...looking out across to kippax...with a bovril in me hand... (Elaine Paige)

  3. Fab pictures! there was noyhing to beat
    Maine Road.

  4. Wow!! The memories come flooding back! 10 years of age with me bobble hat and City scarf in the Platt Lane End. Thanks for some wonderful pictures.

  5. Takes me back. Happy days. Nothing like a full Kippax, especially with the floodlights on for a Cup replay.

  6. I still miss the old place. Wagon Wheels, Bovril and meat & potato pie... Well worth the long walk home after. Oh yes... the football wasn't too bad either!