City on Woman's Hour

City were the subject of a feature on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this past Friday. The piece tells of the club's formation as St Mark's (West Gorton) by Anna Connell. Borne out of the need to both curb anti-social activity in East Manchester at the time, and enable players of a recently-formed cricket team to keep up their fitness, we're now thought of as being the only professional football club in the world founded by a female, something i was unaware of despite being familiar with the story.

Within two decades we had undergone two changes of name, first to Ardwick before becoming Manchester City in 1894, and had won the Second Division title, achieving our first major honour within a quarter of a century with a side that featured the prolific Billy Meredith.

Anyhow, if you didn't catch it at the time there's a link below. Excuse the clueless few outside the ground who the media often do such a great job in picking out. Best to forward to around 18:12 if you want to avoid listening to a studio of old ladies talking about biscuits.

Woman's Hour, 26/03/10


  1. Here a link to my post on Youtube

  2. Thanks for that link it was so interesting.

  3. That's a brilliant link. When I used to be on the road everyday, 'Woman's Hour' was always one of the best things to listen to and in fairness rarely 'old ladies talking about biscuits'...but nice line anyway!!

    Well done on the 'norfstander' review in monday's programme.

    How about a quick resume' of Maine Road FC's season as it draws to a close. 4th at the moment, although we know we can't stay there given other club's games in hand. No matter, given the loss of Luke Mack, Neil Chappell and Greg Hall so early in the season it has been an exceptionally good campaign.